Eve and Beckett Return to Poughkeepsie

Beckett kissed her again. “You’re a genius. The best fucking weapon there is.” He smiled. “But actually, I meant I don’t want to leave your side. Naked or not, I want to be right next to you for the rest of the time I have on this planet.” He looked from her lips to her eyes and she could see he held nothing back. Pure honesty.

“The way we do things, chances are forever is a pretty short time.” She hated to think of it. Having him here, knowing he was safe gave her peace. No one could hurt him without going through her first.

“I’m sorry about that.” He touched her face as well.

She smiled at the irony of two murderers being so tender with each other, so in love that the prospect of dying made them afraid.

“So what are we, Bonnie and Clyde?” He titled his head with the question.

“They were fools who got trapped and died.” She straddled him.

“Romeo and Juliet?” He found his place inside her quickly, ready for her like a machine.

“Dramatic assholes. Also wound up dead.” She began rocking, reaching a hand behind her to grab him.

“Oh, God.” His eye rolled into his head briefly before he returned to their conversation. “No one gets out alive, killer.”

“Then we can be Eve and Beckett.” She used every muscle she had to sheath him, multiply the pleasure of his time inside her. All the while her hand manipulated him, finding ways to increase his sensations. “Because I’d like to come first.”

Return to Poughkeepsie

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