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So, for those of my Facebook friends who don't know, this is my precious Christopher. This boy, with this smile, his swagger and his innate curiosity about all things, could light up a room just by walking into it. He was a Mommy's boy who would follow me from room to room asking me questions about dinosaurs. He loved all kinds of food but especially fettucine alfredo and hot dogs. He also loved steak, bacon and any kind of dessert. He also adored his little sister and his cousins. His principal said, that with only two weeks at his new school, everyone knew him. He would say hello to everyone in the hallway and say "I'm Chris!" The day before he started, he asked if his Daddy could take him to meet the principal and his first grade teacher. Some people live their entire lives without having the effect he did in his 6 1/2 short years of life. Sadly, he passed in a car accident with his Daddy just two short months before his 7th birthday.

November 24th would have been his 9th birthday. Every year I go to the cemetery and celebrate with him, even though we now live all the way across the country. We have cupcakes and talk about dinosaurs and then release some balloons. Christopher had a particular fondness for green balloons.

I want to invite all my FB friends near and far to celebrate Christopher this year by releasing a green balloon in his honor on 11/23. There are biodegradable balloons at most party stores and also at Target. For everyone that posts a picture on FB of their green balloon, I will donate $.50 to http://actsofsimplekindness.org/. It is a charity very close to my heart as they provide for children of widowers so they are able to participate in camps, after school programs and sports.

For those who are not comfortable releasing balloons, maybe your child can draw a picture or a card that I can put in a box for Pearly, who misses her brother so much. Please PM me for address so I can give to her.

I know this is a lot to ask and normally, I don't put myself out there like this but it would mean so much to Pearl and I (and Christopher, who loved his birthday)


Cara and Pearl

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