#MarioKart8 DLC UPDATE Review!!

Okay, just got done playing all 8 new tracks. They are fantastic! I was cat Peach on the Link bike with the Link kite. Son was Link on the B-dasher, tri-force wheels and the Hyrule kite.

Track 1- Yoshi Circuit- Super fun. It's always been a great track from the game cube and in the wiiU it has been shined up!

 Track 2- Excitement Arena- The jumps are jumptastic. Cat peach was adorable with her kitty paws and Link's sword has his sword for all the tricks.

Track 3- Dragon Drift way- gorgeous track, and our favorite use of anti gravity. It is almost entirely antigrav and twists over on itself so much!

Track 4- Mute City- is so, so fast. There is so much speed to be found on the course, also pretty too.

Track 5- Wario's Gold Mine is actually really challenging, which is great for experienced drivers looking to be put through their paces.

Track 6- SNES Rainbow Road- An old favorite, the music is wonderful. The mountains in the distance change colors, matching the pixel you roll over, which was neat.

Track 7- Ice, Ice, Outpost - Split down the middle almost the entire way, so you can pretty much drive on two different tracks. Spotted a few short cuts that we are looking forward to tryin gto hit. They looked tricky.

Track 8- Hyrule Circuit - Filled with Legend of Zelda references. The rupees in place of coins are memorizing. The bats and piranha plants were cute nods to the game. The best was the puzzle to get the ramp by the master sword.

Overall, totally worth it and we were very excited to play.


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