Random Asshole Story

OH MY GOD. I am such an asshole. I was trying to return a robe I bought to Target, but instead of the robe, I stuffed by two-year-old dress with deodorant stains from the laundry pile into the bag instead. Now I know why the girl was so puzzled. I had the receipt and she pulled my dress out and inspected it. At that exact moment the kids were talking to me so I didn't see the inspection of my DIRTY LAUNDRY. The cashier said to me, "Um, this would need to have a tag on it." And I was all, "That is so weird? I knew the tag was on that. Oh well, I'll just keep it." And she's like, "Are you sure?" And I'm, "No, its fine." But a little huffy. OH MY GOD. And then just now I went to hang up my new robe that I didn't like and saw that it was MY FADED DRESS. I will just go crawl away in embarrassment. (Oh and I found the robe with the pristine tags on my blanket chest all folded nice for the Target bag.)

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