Let's Be Breast Friends!! #FeelThemUp

Today on 1st of the month Romance Readers and Writers and Bloggers are coming together (you all have dirty minds and this is serious!) to do our monthly breast exam!! I'm asking that you do a self exam  on the 1st and Tweet and Facebook #FeelThemUp ! We are going to do this EVERY month until the Internet gives up. Join me at @Debra_Anastasia on Twitter and HERE on Facebook

It occurred to me that on that majestic day, a few readers, writers, and bloggers might actually find a lump or something suspicious. I want to make sure that ladies have good information, websites and forums to turn to.I have no medical advice to offer, but the links below can help guide you through any questions you might have, but always, always make an appointment with your doctor if you have a question or lumps or anything!! They are there to help you.

Please take a peak at these links for more information on breast cancer and a how to by some sexy dudes. 



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