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“Can you do me a favor?” I touched her arm before she could get away.

She looked at my hand and then peered under my hood at my eyes. “Yeah?”

     “Tell them it’s from you though, okay? If they think I bought them drinks they would all leave their husbands. And I’m big on respecting marriages.”

“Yes. We had a lot of sex.”

“I need the stats. My imagination is killing me.” Becca hit a few buttons on her phone that interrupted our conversation with loud tones.

As soon as it was safe to talk again I spoke, “Are you sitting down?”

I could hear a chair squeak as Becca collapsed into it. “Now I am. Stats.”

“I’ll cut to the chase. A nice nine inches. Thick. Covered in strong abs.” I waited as she gasped.

“No. Oh my gosh. He is ribbed for your pleasure?” she whispered.

I closed my eyes and leaned into the palm of his hand. I felt the shaking then. He was scared.
I turned my head and pressed both my palms on the back of his knuckles so he wouldn’t pull away. Then I kissed the center of his hand.

He was a good man. And I trusted him.  Dick took to his knees in front of me like I was a prayer he was about to say. I was still holding his hand.

“Hendrix.” His deep voice was rough.
I shivered a little thinking of him smash into me with all he had. I whispered back. “He can clench it in different directions. He can curve it to hit my G spot.”
“Sweet Nelly.”

“And he never stopped rubbing my clit. He licked me like I was a spoonful of chocolate icing and he was a sugar addict.” I stopped at another light and clenched a few times. “He’s like a sex superhero. He’s so strong. Like flip me around like he was a caveman strong. I can not wait to get more of Dick’s dick in me.”

“Yeah, I’m going to have to call you back. Me and my vibrator just made a date.”
Becca ended the call and I had to laugh again. She was the best. I knew she would love the details. I knew she would be looking straight at Dick’s crotch the next time we met.

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I knew who he was before he introduced himself. Jeans and a black sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over his head. The hem of the material hid his face like he was the grim reaper. Or a Dementor.

Legend has it that he’s a serial killer. And that he is covered in abs. Ribbed for a lady’s pleasure.

And he just programed his number in my phone.

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