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Swimming in Sparkles

releases March 28th, 2021


My name is Ruffian. To remember my mom, I want to change the world.

I’m going to do things wrong to make things right.

That’s okay, because I’m going to jail.

I know it.

I’ve planned for it. I was always going to end up there.

For now, I need a cover story.

A cover family.

A way to hide from the suspicion that always finds me.

Teddi Burathon is the perfect shield.

Popular, friendly, sassy. Good.

She’s everything I’m not.

And I’ll use her as a pretty distraction so no one sees me coming.

My heart is dead and I’m a bomb waiting to detonate.

Most people want to build a future.


I'm going to rob a bank.


120k New Adult in the Stars world standalone!