Today on 1st of the month Romance Readers and Writers and Bloggers are coming together (you all have dirty minds and this is serious!) to do our monthly breast exam!! I'm asking that you do a self exam  on the 1st and Tweet and Facebook #FeelThemUp ! We are going to do this EVERY month until the Internet gives up. Join me at @Debra_Anastasia on Twitter and HERE on Facebook

It occurred to me that on that majestic day, a few readers, writers, and bloggers might actually find a lump or something suspicious. I want to make sure that ladies have good information, websites and forums to turn to.I have no medical advice to offer, but the links below can help guide you through any questions you might have, but always, always make an appointment with your doctor if you have a question or lumps or anything!! They are there to help you.

Please take a peak at these links for more information on breast cancer and a how to by some sexy dudes. 




To celebrate the fact that no one could stop the release of #1 HUMOR Bestseller FIRE DOWN BELOW, the authors, bloggers below and my crazy ass will each be going on a SHOPPING SPREE for you!!! It's at our local dollar stores, but let's not focus on that part. We will buy the weirdest shit we can find. And we will mail it to you! Do you like getting snail mail? God, I love it. You will get so much snail mail, if you lived in jail you would totally be the envy of everyone.

Like all the pages below. Just go fucking nuts on it. Be crazy about it. Shake Facebook to its velvety core! Nothing is actually better than this. Nothing. Good Luck!!!!

(This note is for the authors and bloggers...so reader just pretend you don't see this--if anything is wrong, please tell me so I can fix it. Thank you so much! If you checked yes to making the maxi pad puppet please send it to Debra Anastasia PO Box 334, California, MD 20619. For fuck's sake don't use body fluids to paint your pads. Leave that to the expert. *cough**me**cough*!! I will be in touch with our winners' info on 3/20/15. And not, like, creepy John Travolta at the Oscars touch. Just normal touch. Digitally.)

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Chicks controlled by books: Fire Down Below by Debra Anastasia Review

Chicks controlled by books: Fire Down Below by Debra Anastasia Review: #‎FireDownBelow‬    ▴Amazon US ➜ amzn.to/1HvQywp   ▴Amazon UK ➜ amzn.to/1DgCa4U   ▴Amazon AU ➜ bit.ly/1CkOCDU   ▴KoBo ➜...

"Well done Debra for not caring what the world thinks and taking a risk on this disturbingly hilarious book."

Diva Discussions Book Club: Love Notes

Diva Discussions Book Club: Love Notes: Love Notes are something sweet and adorable that you leave for your other half. Well, okay, they can be funny too. We didn't wa...

A note from Eve to Beckett

Reality Bites! Let's Get Lost!: Book Blitz: #FireDownBelow by Debra Anastasia

Reality Bites! Let's Get Lost!: Book Blitz: #FireDownBelow by Debra Anastasia: Dove Glitch is embarrassed about everything above her knees and below her belly button. When she has to fill a delicate, embarrassing...

"There are so many inappropriate and hilarious moments in this book that I had to take a break just to breathe and empty my bladder.  This is one hell of a ride and you will finish with a sense of "WTF did I just read?"

Honestly, if you are looking for something completely different and bodily functions don't freak you out then read this.  Oh there are quite a few cats too!" ~Jo 

My e-Literate Obsession: Fire Down Below - LIVE

My e-Literate Obsession: Fire Down Below - LIVE: #‎FireDownBelow‬    ▴Amazon US ➜ amzn.to/1HvQywp   ▴Amazon UK ➜ amzn.to/1DgCa4U   ▴Amazon AU ➜ bit.ly/1CkOCDU   ▴KoBo...

“What on earth did I just read?!? Holy bat-$hit
craziness! This one is so daring, only Debra would be brave enough to publish
it. Her twisted sense of humor is written all over it. I loved every minute but
I'm just as twisted maybe. You definitely need a good dose of crazy to
completely comprehend and enjoy this for what it is. But don't let the
flatulence and dick-smack turn you off.”



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