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“Is she worth it?” Dad lifted his brow.

“Every girl is worth it.” I tapped my fingers on the table, looking at the bruised knuckles.

Mom got out of her chair and hugged my head before kissing the top of it. “We raised you right.”

After Mom was done making me her own personal cuddle toy, I laid it out for them.

All Mom had to offer was, “Monday is a unique name.”

My father bobbed his head up and down. “That it is.”

“Aren’t we concerned? Like at least a little bit?” Now I was perplexed.

Dad shrugged and then winced. The motion must have pulled on his scar. “Life is a journey, my boy. We don’t always know the why of something until we’re well past it.”

Mom looked equally serene.

“Are you both taking Dad’s drugs? You are way too calm.”

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked my notifications. Two emails and no calls.

Mom chuckled. “With what we’ve been through? I think we just love the moments we get with each other and you.”

I finished my coffee while the two of them made eyes at each other. The near-death experience had given them some sort of panic sedative.

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