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17 days until Lady Mafia!

Kindle Unlimited (Print through most retailers)

The latest novel by Debra Anastasia, LADY MAFIA is an action-packed, sexy mafia romance that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Leto is on a mission to rescue his brother from the clutches of a crime boss, but his plans take an unexpected turn when he kidnaps three women who aren't who he thought they were.

As Indy, Aster and Zinny navigate through dangerous situations, unexpected romances emerge and alliances are formed in the most unlikely of circumstances. Their bachelorette vacation ends up with a lot more weapons and scary men than anyone anticipated.

Will they be able to outsmart the criminals and save the day?

Find out in this action-packed adventure full of twists and turns.

Get ready to join the LADY MAFIA!

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