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Updated: Mar 4, 2022


“Hi, I’m Pete. Can I get your drink orders?”

He spent far too much time staring at Monday’s shoulders than I would have liked. I ordered a beer and Monday ordered a glass of sweet wine.

After he left, with one more peek over his shoulder at hers, Monday pushed her menu to the side and leaned forward. “Go on. You were about to tell me how you wanted to censor my artistic licenses in my own home?”

I let my head roll on my neck. She wasn’t going to make it easy. The flighty girl that wanted to bury a burnt chipmunk with a spatula also had to be a ballbuster about legalities.

“It’s my face. Do I have any rights as to how it’s displayed?” I leaned forward as well.

She bit the tip of her tongue while she thought. “I’ll answer after you take off your jacket.”

It took me a second to remember she wanted to see my ink. “Fine. See how reasonable I am?”

I stood and slipped my leather jacket off, moving to put it on the hook next to hers. Her chair scraped along the floor as she stood. I wore a dark blue t-shirt on purpose so she could see the ink on my arms.

Her hands ran up my forearm, and I turned toward her, goosebumps forming on my skin where she touched me. “Oh wow. It’s amazing. This is a gorgeous pattern. I love it. Super flattering to your muscles and veins and stuff.”

She was disarmingly close to me. Absorbed in the art on my body. Lost in her own curiosity. She pushed the sleeve up higher and coasted her palm over my shoulder, pushing the fabric toward my chest. I grabbed her hand and stilled it.

She gasped at the movement, and then looked into my eyes. I watched as she realized how intimate she had been—so quickly. “At least let me buy you a drink before you find out what color my n!pples are.”

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