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Flicker is coming in 13 days!

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

“But something about this seems super special. Like I want you to have me on my A game and vice versa. I want to be special. I want to be impossible to ignore or make an excuse for. I want you to feel like the world is ending and beginning right here between us. When it feels like that for you, you tell me and I’ll come to you wherever you are.” Bear kissed my knuckles.

🙃💜From #1 HUMOR bestseller, Debra Anastasia, comes a ROM COM full of sexy laughs and swoony love. Monday Blue meets the electrician of her dreams the day her personal massager cuts the power to her entire apartment complex. 🙃💜

💖⚡FLICKER is a romantic comedy standalone.⚡💖

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