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INSERT EXCITED CLAPS! TOMORROW! The Print is already up, just chilling on Amazon being my 20th print book like it's totally normal. I will post again when the kindle is LIVE.

Here's the BLURB to remind you what we are dealing with:


So fine, I may have started a fire with my personal pleasure device, but in my defense, electricity has always been out to get me. Okay, maybe we’re more like frenemies. My flatiron depends on it, but I also fear the zap it sends through me on an unwelcome regular basis.

How do I explain this to the tattooed, hot electrician that shows up at my front door?


She was festive, I’d give her that. The jerry-rigged self satisfaction station Monday Blue had in her bedroom was unique. Hell, it was flashing to a beat. Ever since I checked her fuse box, I wanted to fix a whole lot more than her current. Fairy lights have never been so tempting before.

There’s a strict no fraternizing policy between the apartment residents and our family-run Electric company. I have no good way to explain the humongous, naked mural she’s painted of me on her wall.

There’s no other choice, I have to confront my dream girl about her art so I don’t lose this business contract for my dad just when he needs it most.

Can Bear and Monday turn each other on long enough for a FLICKER to start a flame?

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