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The AMAZING reviews are in!

"Hilarious, full of feels and non-stop laughs, Flicker is the perfect romantic comedy to devour in one sitting!" ~ Helena Hunting NYT Bestselling Author

"FLICKER is beautiful, hilarious, sweet and one of Debra Anastasia's best. A heartfelt recomendation from me." ~ TIJAN NYT Bestselling Author

"A super cute rom-com that you should not miss! But it was also exciting and dangerous and so very electric." ~BJ's Book Blog

"I'll definitely remeber Monday Blue and Bear for the rest of my life. I'll also never look at electriciay the same way lol! Seriously, this book is amazing and I'll recommend it to anyone." ~ Author Lola Clarke

"The artsy couple has hilarious encounters and while sharing the love of painting, their colours start to blend together. Funny, heart warming and feel good story that leaves you wanting for more." Shabnam Arora from BookBistroBlog

​​"If you need a rom-com, contemporary romance, not at all serious, quick, and entertaining, to satisfy and make you laugh out loud, grab Flicker and settle in!" 5 Stars - Reynereadsalot

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